Why Do I Need an IT Degree?

25 September 2017Written by AIT Crew
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We had a chat with Joseph Tagudin, IT Course Lecturer at AIT in Sydney about his thoughts on the IT industry, his experiences and the future of the industry.

Why do I need an IT degree?

IT skills are in high demand across most industries. For those who have an interest in the digital world and wish to make it better, an IT degree is a sound basis for a career in most industries. Health, hospitality, finance, science and the service industries are just a few.

What kind of job opportunities are available with this degree?

The published outlook for employment of IT workers continues to be positive in Australia. A wide variety of job opportunities are possible. Software and application programming, graphic and web design, systems design and systems support are all examples; though some on-the-job training and lengthy experience will also be required to progress to the more senior positions areas such as ICT managers and project managers.

Engineering is one of the highest paid occupations internationally. Do you think this is applicable in Australia as well?

While being an IT engineer can provide a high paying job here in Australia, a significant amount of experience in various parts of the industry, and business management skills, will also be required. Information technology and services, and computer software are two major areas where IT workers were employed in recent years.

How can students earn a good income from the skills learnt in an IT course?

Students should continually hone the skills they have learnt in this course. In this way, they will increase the chances of getting the jobs they want. They will be able to seize opportunities as they arise to access higher income positions. Students with high motivation could even establish innovative start-ups. They should be open to new ideas, and keep an eye on current trends so they know where high paying jobs are likely to arise.

If I want to be successful in my career, do you have any tips to do this?

Have a goal and achieve it.

Study hard in all your subjects to get solid knowledge. This will make you more attractive to potential employers. Be a good listener, and reflect carefully on what you have heard before offering your opinion. You’ll learn a lot. Always do that extra bit to help, using your initiative to do the simple things that others may have forgotten. Find purpose and motivation in your day to day work, so you will arrive with a smile and have a sense of achievement when you go home.

I have been a student myself for many years of my life – even now, I am studying data science. This helps me see things from the student’s point of view and helps me be a better teacher. Teaching in IT courses gives me great satisfaction to see my students graduate and to hear about their careers.

Imagine a creative college where you can pursue your dreams in 2D animation, 3D animation, film, game design, IT or mobile app development.

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