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Game Design Courses

Bachelor of Game Design CRICOS 109411J. Diploma of Game Design CRICOS 109413G. 

Build imaginative worlds – Study a game design course.

Learn the complex and intriguing art of Game Design. Discover how to build games, characters and stories using cutting edge game design principles and technology, and explore the fascinating psychology behind our drive to play. Design and develop commercially viable digital games using state of the art game engines. Learn the art of multiple player game engines, an important expanding area in the field of game design and a skill most Games Design Bachelor programs overlook.

Intake Dates
  • 27 May 2024
  • 16 September 2024
  • 3 February 2025
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  • Industry-Ready
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How to Apply

Here at AIT, we care about your creativity, not your ATAR. If you’re a domestic student, then you can apply directly to AIT or via UAC and VTAC.  If you’re an international student, then our registered agent partners can help you to organise everything you’ll need for your AIT application and your application to study in Australia.

Find out exactly what studying at AIT will cost, with our transparent list of student fees plus learn more about the generous scholarships for both international and domestic students.

Industry-Ready Game Design Graduates

We take your professional preparation very seriously – and here are some of the meaningful ways we do it.

  • Skills That Matter
    • Industry-specific professional skills embedded within each subject during your Game Design studies.
    • Key employability skills build progressively throughout the program as you develop complex professional capabilities; e.g. first read and understand a brief, then later present completed projects to a panel of Game Design industry experts.
  • Professional Portfolio-Building
    • Across all of our Game Design courses, we have designed real world project-based assessments that can be repurposed into a professional portfolio on graduation. 
    • Some portfolio items follow your creative visions, others follow set client briefs – portfolio diversity that will set you apart.
  • Career Support

    We have dedicated staff with robust industry knowledge ready to help you plan your career in game design, guide you in the future direction of tech, help with your CV, social media presence or where to find work.

Bachelor Program Industry-Ready Inclusions

The third and final year of all AIT courses will focus strongly on the fundamentals of preparing you for employment in the creative industry of your choice. 

We’ll teach you what the games industry is looking for and guide you in every aspect of transitioning from study to the workforce. We’ll ensure you’re equipped with the right soft skills, practical skills and practical experience you’ll need to succeed. 

We’ll also provide opportunities for you to showcase your work to AIT’s industry connections and teach you how to pitch and present in a professional working environment.

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Learning Design Team

Design is at the heart of everything in the tech and interactive media industry, from project management to game development or filming a scene. The same applies to education. To create your game design course, we’ve enlisted the expertise of top-notch designers who ensure that your course content is not only accurate and up-to-date, but also engaging, user-friendly, and enjoyable.

Studying should feel seamless, and your focus should be on what you want to learn, not the tech functionality. Our in-house Learning Design Team comprises highly qualified educators and designers who are committed to making studying an enjoyable experience for you.

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Learn more about AIT’s Game Design courses and the game design industry.

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