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Our International Students

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Learn about our Bachelor courses

  • Bachelor of 2D Animation

    AIT is well-known for unique specialist 2D Animation courses, with our grads going on to work for some of the biggest Australian and global production houses; just having AIT on your CV puts you ahead of the competition.

  • Bachelor of 3D Animation

    Shape your future in the creative arts and beyond by studying a Bachelor of 3D Animation course at AIT. As a 3D animator, you have the power to blur the lines between reality and make-believe, giving you an opportunity to use the practical skills and technical skills gained in this craft in various industries.

  • Bachelor of Film

    Learn to become a professional filmmaker, able to work in a film studio or as a freelancer. During this degree, you’ll operate independently and in professional teams under workplace-like pressure, showcasing the knowledge, skills and techniques you have learned to complete multiple film projects, each developed to contemporary industry standards, from pre-production to project completion.

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile App Development)

    Are you ready to be a pioneer in the field of mobile app development? Our Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile App Development) course is the first and only one of its kind in Australia. Join a community of passionate and innovative students who, like you, are excited about staying ahead of the game in this rapidly evolving industry.

  • Bachelor of Game Design

    Get ready to join a like-minded community of passionate game enthusiasts, where every day you have the opportunity to design and develop commercially viable digital games, suitable for multiple platforms, using state of the art game engines. We’ve developed this degree with loads of industry input so you can rest assured we are teaching you all the professional, technical and personal skills contemporary game design studios are looking for. Our program is also one of the few that really dives deep into multi-player design education.

Learn about our Diploma courses

  • Diploma of 2D Animation

    Unlock your creativity and bring animations to life with a Diploma of 2D Animation course at AIT. Learn the technical skills required to accelerate your animation career, guided by industry professionals, using high quality industry standard equipment.

  • Diploma of 3D Animation

    With the ever-increasing demand for visually stunning digital content in entertainment, gaming, advertising, visual effects, and beyond, the need for skilled 3D animators is at an all-time high.

    If you have a passion for bringing characters and worlds to life through cutting-edge technology, then pursuing a Diploma of 3D Animation at AIT could be the perfect way to turn your artistic vision into a rewarding and exciting career in professional creative and media industries.

  • Diploma of Film

    Are you the next Spielberg, Soderbergh or Scorsese? The Diploma of Film has a specific focus on contemporary filmic uses of interactive media and post production technology. You’ll learn how to apply high-level cinematography and visual effects to your projects using the same equipment, contemporary software, and processes that your favourite filmmakers use. This collaborative intersection between film and creative media perfectly replicates the film industry today.

  • Diploma of Game Design

    Prepare yourself to become part of a community of enthusiastic game lovers who share your passion for gaming by enrolling in the Diploma of Game Design at AIT. With this program, you will have daily opportunities to create a range of 3D assets before integrating your own designs into a cutting-edge game engine.

    Our Game Design Diploma has been carefully crafted with significant input from the industry, ensuring that you learn all the necessary professional, personal, and technical skills that modern game design studios demand. Critically review game theory, genre, history and context, and learn to construct your own game levels and assets.

  • Diploma of Information Technology (Vocational)

    Diploma of Information Technology CRICOS 112539M.

    AIT’s Vocational Diploma of IT is the perfect opportunity for you to learn the fundamental elements of the IT industry, dive deep into the world of coding and web development, and develop a firm grasp on the principles of software engineering. This vocational course covers important technical concepts such as programming in multiple languages, web development, database design, software engineering, and data management. Our curriculum also emphasises professional skills such as communication, collaboration, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

    Scholarships available for international students.

  • Diploma of Graphic Design (Vocational)

    Diploma of Graphic Design CRICOS 02155J.

    AIT’s Vocational Diploma of Graphic Design is a practical and future-focused program where you will learn the fundamentals of visual communication, creative digital art, dynamic web and layout design. This vocational course covers important technical concepts such as design for 2D/3D applications, UI design or manipulation of complex layouts. Our curriculum also emphasizes professional skills such as communication, research, creative collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

    Scholarships available for international students.

Our International Team

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Our Campuses

Sydney Campus

Located at 7 Kelly St in Ultimo NSW, AIT’s campus is situated in the heart of Sydney’s vibrant education precinct. Designed to foster creativity and learning, our campus boasts cutting-edge facilities, including a post-production studio, green screen room, sound booth, state-of-the-art Mac and PC labs, makerspace, and collaborative breakout rooms.

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Melbourne Campus

Located at 120 Spencer St, Melbourne VIC, AIT’s Melbourne campus offers a modern and innovative learning environment. Our four-story campus, located just across from Southern Cross Station, was awarded Gold at the Driven x Design – 2019 Melbourne Design Awards for Best Interior Design Public or Institutional. In 2020, we also won Silver in the Interior Design – Public or Institutional category for our new Level 14.

Our campus has industry-leading facilities, including an onsite green room, computer labs, and a student café offering discounted coffee.

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Our Elicos Partners

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