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We know what an important decision your child has to make, and how important it is that the college they choose is government-accredited, with genuine career prospects. We understand that your advice is going to be really important to your child as they weigh up their options. Some parents also wonder whether we are really going to understand how to nurture their child’s special talents.

Reach out and get in touch if you have any other questions, and we can also arrange for you to talk to another student to learn firsthand from them what studying with us is like.

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We have collated a range of data on our college’s graduates and what’s happening in our related industries for you to explore.

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Why Choose a Private Higher Education Provider?

For bespoke talents and skills that require creative thinking, a more fluid environment that is more closely aligned with industry usually gets the better results. If you or your child is interested in the creative world of the Interactive Media field or the fast moving world of Tech, private providers have the ability to tailor to their specific needs and adapt to the fast adaptability of tech changes. We are also not distracted by needing to focus on research as well as teaching – we just teach.

That said, all our Higher Education qualifications are fully accredited Australian qualifications, equal to the accreditation and quality standards of public universities

Big enough to support you, small enough to know you

  • Small intimate classes
  • Hands-on instruction
  • Most current tech trends taught
  • Simulated studio environments for learning
  • All industry-grade software provided
  • Industry connections
  • Bespoke focused fields of expertise


Not sure what to explore next? Visit our connect page and choose your own adventure. Talk to someone about your study options, book a campus tour and have a look around, chat with a current AIT student or get started on your application.