We regularly host online and in person events. If you missed one our online events you can catch up and stream past events here including workshops, #GRADTALKS, Industry Speaker Series and more…

Grads in Focus Day

For our Grads in Focus day last November, we were joined by AIT alumni who shared their experiences since graduation. Hear from Tash Perrett, who works as a junior artist at Industrial Light and Magic, Bailey Papic – corporate videographer and editor, Chloe Lambley – a 2D animator with Flying Bark Productions, Jack O’Shea – lead software engineer at Red Cartel, and Goran Ilievski – CRM specialist and web developer.

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  • GradsinFocusDay
    November 2022
Industry Speaker Series - July 2022

Our July Industry Speaker Series saw us joined by former AIT students, incredible industry experts and, of course, our passionate teachers. We heard from speakers from big name studios, as well as those forging their own path as founders or indie producers.

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  • GamesMastermind
    Presented by Red Cartel, Plastic Wax & Wargaming

    Watch our Games Mastermind session with AIT educator Carlton Zhu, senior developer at Red Cartel, Jack O’Shea, lead lighter and Unreal generalist at Plastic Wax, Tyson Butler-Boschma and senior software engineer at Wargaming, Bilal Akil. As well as special guest panellists from Bounti – Suraj Vaghjiani and Nilu Kulasingham.

  • 3DMastertalk
    Presented by Girraphic

    Catch the session with Hugh Guest, Aiden Wilson, and Victor Limsila of Girraphic as they take us through the techniques they use when integrating 3D animation into live broadcasts.

    Learn how game engines are crossing over and becoming an essential part of other media fields and get a sneak peek at the amazing gadgets, software and tricks the team at Girraphic use.

  • IndustryPanelDiscussion
    Presented by Rollingball Productions, Sweaty Chair, Alt.vfx & Wargaming

    Listen to April Howard of Rollingball Productions, Brian Zou from Sweaty Chair, Mark Millar of Alt.vfx, and Bilal Akil from Wargaming as the panel share insights into job opportunities and tips for carving out a successful career in film, animation, games or visual effects.


March 2022

Fellow students and teachers from AIT and Coder Academy came together for food and fun to celebrate when lockdowns were finally over! 🎉

Industry Speaker Series - March 2022

We teamed up with some of the biggest studios, production houses and agencies across Australia to bring you this Virtual Industry Speaker series! This is a golden opportunity to go behind-the-scenes on their latest projects and gain industry insight into what it takes to land your dream role!

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  • TheWorldofLive&DigitalExperiences
    Presented by Spaces Interactive

    Michael Dries is the mastermind behind a host of award-winning apps and events in the healthcare, finance, education, sports, training and management sectors. Michael covered the top tips to make a career in the tech industry.

  • MakeYourWork:GamePlay
    Presented by Chaos Theory

    We’ll be diving into top tips for how to make it in the games industry. Our guests will be sharing advice on how to carve out a successful career in games – from soft skills development to building a killer portfolio and how to network your way to landing your dream job.

  • TheArtofVFX
    Presented by Rising Sun Pictures & APDG

    Dennis Jones (DJ) will share insights into his experience as lead vendor VFX Supervisor on Mortal Kombat. In a project spanning more than 18 months, Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) delivered 600+ visual effects shots for New Line Cinema’s blockbuster Mortal Kombat.