Top Five Jobs You Can Land After Studying a Filmmaking Course at AIT

15 October 2021Written by Emma Woodward
Here at AIT, we teach creative courses that help students to flourish in their chosen field. At the AIT film school, Melbourne and Sydney students can gain the skills that they need to land their chosen role in filmmaking or video production.
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Once, Australia was considered to be at the wrong end of the world if you wished to have any sort of creative career (and you may still have well-meaning aunts and uncles warning you that it is). Young Aussies graduated and left for the Northern Hemisphere, because that was the only way to make it.

However, the truth is that things have changed, and Australian students can look forward to some incredible opportunities right here at home. The Australian Government continues to offer support for industry growth through the Australian Screen Production Incentive, which attracts large budget productions from around the globe.

With a brand new studio in Docklands – the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere – and Dreamscreen Australia in Melbourne providing the latest in virtual production, Victoria is well placed to take on exciting new screen and filmmaking projects.

And New South Wales certainly won’t be missing out, with Thor: Love and Thunder recently wrapping up filming at Sydney’s Fox Studios, and Marvel reportedly ready to make the move to relocate to Sydney.

All of this is evidence of the huge confidence the international film industry has in Australia. The investments made in the Australian film and television industry truly paid off when COVID-19 hit. Although the industry has struggled, it has fared far better here than in other countries, with Australia being considered a safe place to film.

AIT educators and graduates of our filmmaking courses have also noticed this shift, as Australia becomes a major centre for screen productions. AIT educator Dean Musumeci recently spoke with a talent agent who said that he had never seen so many requests for extras. Films and TV shows that could not shoot due to COVID had been delayed, rather than cancelled, and each time the country, or individual states, went into COVID remission, production companies were eager to get to work. All of this bodes well for the resilience of the industry once things return to normality.

A graduate from AIT’s film school in Melbourne, Paige Cunningham, who co-founded her own digital content business, Untitled Creations, also noted that after an initial downturn for her company, a boom had followed, and that there was now a faster turnaround for small and large scale productions alike.

Just like Paige, others are seeing opportunities blossom at every level and across a variety of sectors. Once you graduate from one of our filmmaking courses with a nationally recognised Bachelor of Film or Diploma of Film, you will have the skills needed to work within the marketing department of a large company, as part of a creative agency, or as a team member on screen productions.

So, what are some of the jobs you might land after studying a filmmaking course at AIT?

1. Cinematographer

Also known as a director of photography, a cinematographer has responsibility for the artistic and technical decisions that create a scene visually through use of the right cameras, lenses, and filters.

2. Assistant Editor

Through a filmmaking course at AIT, you will learn to work with industry-leading editing technology, and to collaborate as part of a production team – setting you on the path to find work as an editor or assistant editor.

3. Documentary Maker

If you couldn’t quite decide between journalism and filmmaking, then working on documentaries could provide you with the ideal career. You will still use your creative skills to present a story, but you will be drawing that story out of real people and situations.

4. Corporate Videographer

Working as a corporate videographer could give you the chance to do what you love every single day. From producing video content for internal communications, to instructional content or event coverage, there will always be work for a corporate videographer.

5. Production Assistant

Working as a production assistant, runner, or PA, could be a great way to gain hands-on experience either on set, or in other aspects of production. Your responsibilities could vary as you assist different teams and others in their roles, and you could work on small or large scale productions.

Past AIT graduates from our film courses in Melbourne and Sydney are working as freelance music video producers, video editors, vloggers, and social media influencers with thousands of followers. They are working as assistant editors for national TV series, and graphic designers for film and television production companies. Some are working at corporate video production companies in Sydney and Melbourne, while others have founded their own successful digital content creation companies.

When you study a filmmaking course at AIT, you will start building your portfolio from day one. Along the way, you will meet and be taught by industry professionals, you will complete an internship, and when you graduate, you’ll already have your foot on the ladder. You will possess both soft skills and technical skills, and you will be able to put both to good use, having gained an understanding of the industry you are entering.

Imagine a creative college where you can pursue your dreams in 2D animation, 3D animation, film, game design, IT or mobile app development.

Find out more about AIT and our courses by visiting our connect page and choosing your own adventure. Talk to someone about your study options, book a campus tour and have a look around, chat with a current AIT student or get started on your application.

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