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Enter the CreAIT High Schools Competition and Showcase Your Creativity

1 August 2023Written by Emma Woodward
Are you in years 9 to 12 at high school and looking for a creative challenge? CreAIT is a competition run by AIT, and purposefully designed to provide high school students in NSW and Victoria with an opportunity to showcase their creativity in a meaningful way. After the success of Round 1 of the CreAIT competition earlier this year, Round 2 is now open, with submissions for ‘From the Art’ open until Friday 27th October.  

What We Are Looking for and How We Judge Entries

AIT accepts a range of entries for ‘From the Art’ to cater to the creative potential of a wide range of students. Students have the option of submitting a hand-drawn piece, be it a comic strip, portrait, painting, sketch and so on, or a digital artwork if that is more aligned to their interests. 

Juline Harb is a school engagement officer at AIT, and one of the judges of the ‘From the Art’ competition. 

“When we receive an entry, we are on the lookout for two things: technical skill and how well the theme is addressed,” Juline says. “We encourage all students to consider things like positioning, lighting and shadows, colour theory, to name just a few, when creating their artwork.”

The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Dream Big’. And that’s exactly what students are encouraged to do when submitting their work to AIT. 

“Essentially, the judges would like to see artworks that reflect time, effort and creativity. Whilst a masterfully created artwork is essential for success, the judges place equal weight on how well students address the theme. The artwork needs to draw upon the theme and use it as a central motif. The relationship between the artwork and the theme needs to be explicit and obvious to the audience.” 

Congratulations to Our Past Winners

Last round, AIT ran two CreAIT competitions. ‘From the Art’ for original hand-drawn or digital artworks, and ‘Oscar Worthy’ for aspiring filmmakers

The judges were blown away by the quality of entries, but in the end, two standout pieces won their respective categories. 

Joyce Tang triumphed with her entry for ‘From the Art’. Joyce’s exceptional talent and creativity captured the hearts of our judges, as she showcased her remarkable skills while embodying the theme of ‘Limitless Potential’. 

Winning entry by Joyce Tang.

Kiana Love emerged as the winner of the CreAIT High Schools Competition in the ‘Oscar Worthy’ category, with her exceptional filmmaking skills and captivating storytelling earning her this winning place.

“Kiana, with her incredible talent for filmmaking, has addressed the theme, ‘Untapped Genius’, beautifully,” said AIT’s Julia Lynch in response to Kiana’s work. “Her film demonstrated a high level of technical skill and left a lasting impact on our panel of AIT experts.”

How to Enter the CreAIT High Schools Competition

CreAIT is a great opportunity for you to showcase your creativity and put yourself in the running for some incredible prizes. It also lets you stretch your creative muscles by creating your own unique concepts in response to a brief.

Entering competitions (regardless of the outcome) can help you to become a better artist as you hone your skill. It will also help you to build up a portfolio of work as you imagine creative works for different scenarios and gain valuable feedback and experience. This portfolio might be something you use when applying for creative courses, or a valuable asset when starting your creative career

To enter AIT’s ‘From the Art’, head to our CreAIT competition page, where you will find the terms and conditions, entry form and more. 

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