Creatives See the World Differently

16 April 2024Written by Emma Woodward
Creatives see the world differently, so at AIT it’s not enough to just teach our students the skills they need. We believe in their creative potential, and invite them to participate in a school that operates like a creative studio.
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Have a look at these short films from our new ad campaign – a recent collaboration between the AIT crew and our talented students. Each one was intended to capture a unique aspect of life at AIT and as a creative. All of them show our students viewing the world in their own unique way, before bringing their creative visions to life.

Filmmakers See the World Differently

This film features current AIT student, Anouk Wursig, with AIT students and alumni also helping out behind the camera. 

Anouk is studying a Bachelor of Game Design in Sydney, and found it fascinating to step into the world of filmmaking for the day. 

“I just enjoyed it,” Anouk said. “It was cool to be in front of all the lights and the cameras and stuff. It was a bit awkward, but it was cool to see what actors experience.”

Although game design and filmmaking may seem like distinct fields, there are many points of crossover, with talented game designers often stepping in to create visual effects and 3D assets for films using the tools they have trained on, such as Unreal Engine.  

2D Animators See the World Differently

In this film we see Anouk sketching fellow student Ella Budden. The 2D animation that is subsequently brought to life is actually the work of AIT alumni, Lee Leishman. Lee first created the character as part of his short animated film, Hairy Situation.

To blend Lee’s character into Anouk and Ella’s world, we had to track Lee down, which required a trek all the way to the front desk of AIT’s Melbourne campus, where you’ll find Lee in his role as our student services team leader.

3D Animators See the World Differently

This film features the creative talents of recent AIT graduate and student ambassador, Tim Walton, and a character from the award-winning student film, HUIN, by AIT alumni, Martin Hornak.

Game Designers See the World Differently

Here you’ll see current AIT students and recent graduates, Zali Ogden-Booth, Ella Budden, and Sam Lovell. Featured on the “game” they bring to life is the award-winning student animation, The Call of Caelum, by AIT graduates Natasha Perrett, Dominique Eichenberger, James Dickson, Tony Phan, Isaac Biala and Joshua Romero.

Unlocking Creative Potential

To produce these ads, a group of AIT students and staff got together for the day, working in front of and behind the camera. 

Head of marketing, Ronan Mason said, “One of our core insights driving this campaign was that only through student work could we truly highlight that AIT was the best place for creatives to study.”

AIT’s lead videographer, Drew Elliott, was our director for the day.

“The shoot itself was really enjoyable as well because we were able to have students actually assisting, working with us,” Drew said. “And it all came together really well. As a college that does all these creative things, it’s exciting for me to be able to work with some great VFX guys, some great animators, and we can hopefully use this as a bit of a jumping off point to do more of this sort of thing.”

Annthoni Motti was another key member of the AIT crew bringing the project together and had this to say about the experience.

“Despite the challenge presented, our small yet dynamic team rose to the occasion.” 

“Leveraging high-quality resources courtesy of our university, and collaborating closely with in house directors, skilled lighting technicians, makeup artists, VFX artists and exceptional talent, we exceeded even the highest standards set by global campaigns of my past experiences. 

“This achievement serves as a testament to the power of teamwork, innovation, and unwavering commitment in achieving extraordinary results, something to be truly proud of for all involved.” 


AIT Students See the World Differently

Thanks to the preparation of our team throughout the process of scriptwriting, auditioning and organising, the day of the shoot went ahead smoothly. 

“It was very weird for a film shoot, normally you only have hours, you have to get all your shots done,” Sam said. 

“The best surprise was that no surprises happened. They were like, here’s the schedule, here’s what’s going to happen, and it just worked, so that was good. Best surprise I’ve ever had – no surprises.” 

Sam also expressed how much he enjoyed learning from director Drew. 

The students threw everything they had into the shoot and went away with new knowledge and a wealth of practical experience. 

Timothy was excited by the prospect of getting hands on, and putting all he has learnt at AIT into practice.

“To gain some actual experience on set – setting up the lighting, practising stuff, and, yeah, just gaining some actual work experience in the real world.” 

As summed up by recent film graduate and AIT student ambassador, Ella Budden, this was about more than just creating a finished product.     

“I think the coolest part about being in this campaign is that I got to work with people who I never thought I’d work with,” Ella says. “Producers and directors, and I was able to see a future of me being in film.”    

“I think just getting in here for the first time was my favourite part. Seeing the set up and seeing people with professional cameras and direction, that was just refreshing, it was amazing.”     

“I definitely learnt a lot about, not just lighting, but the importance of sound and lighting on a set.”       


“I think the most surprising thing is definitely finding out how many other people are just as passionate as I am for film, and having that connection between everyone – that similar passion.”

Imagine a creative college where you can pursue your dreams in 2D animation, 3D animation, film, game design, IT or mobile app development.

Find out more about AIT and our courses by visiting our connect page and choosing your own adventure. Talk to someone about your study options, book a campus tour and have a look around, chat with a current AIT student or get started on your application.

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