Women in AR/VR

16 March 2017Written by AIT Crew

March 8th 2017. International Women’s Day. Over 100 guests in one room – 90% women. A perfect opportunity to celebrate Women in AR/VR. We were excited to have the co-founders of WIARVR and guest speakers last night to discuss their experiences within the AR/VR world. We welcomed Michela Ledwidge, Carli Johnston, Maria Goretti, Jessica Gilroy, De Greer Yindimincarlie and Mikaela Jade to share their views, their stories and engage in a panel discussion. We also welcomed Amber Cordeaux who unfortunately, couldn’t join us but has played a big role in the team.

We started with Michela Ledwidge from MOD who discussed the importance of procedures in the AR/VR realm. ‘It’s one of the techniques used to avoid getting lost in complicated, manual procedures… and allows us to get on with the job’, she said. Her discipline in following structure and procedures is highlighted by her successes in this field.

Carli Johnston from Virtual Method introduced the ZapparApp – and what a hit that was with the crowd! She showed the way entrepreneurs, marketers and decision makers could potentially own the virtual realm when selling their products. This is a space you’ll want to keep your eye on!

Maria Goretti shared her journey as an entrepreneur in the AR/VR space. She encouraged the room to, ‘Be impulsive and forget about any qualms they may have,’ when partnering with a big company. She discussed her struggles and highlighted her wins, making everyone in the room ready to combat any barrier they may face!

We also welcomed Jessica Gilroy from Catalyst VR who shared her experiences whilst working with the likes of Sprite, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Cricket’s Sydney Sixers. They all looked to Jessica and Catalyst VR for support in taking their fans and loyal consumers to the next level when positioned in front of their products. For them, it was all about adding to their current experiences by taking on board a 360/VR campaign.

Finally, De Greer Yindimincarlie and Mikaela Jade presented together, providing their insights within Indigenous communities, Australian Aboriginal art and incorporating it all within the digital space. We also managed to see De’s canoe paddle – the first piece of Australian Aboriginal art to be augmented and become a prototype for digital place-based storytelling.

Each of these inspiring ladies provided valuable information and insight to our welcomed guests, helping them understand another angle of the AR/VR world and of course, celebrating their achievements.

But that wasn’t all. We ended the night with a panel discussion that involved the entire room. We discussed gender bias, upskilling – and whether it was seen as a necessity within the workplace for women – and potential changes that they see coming over the next 12 months. It truly is a #WatchThisSpace moment!

The discussions were insightful, hearing the experiences some of these women have faced in the workplace and challenges that have come about because of their gender or need to be 100% ready for a job as opposed to 70% and winging it. Overall, it was a great way to end a great event.

This is one of many events that will occur in the future! Join us at our next event and see why they’re so popular.

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