Introducing ‘Creative Communities’ – the NSW Government’s Arts, Culture and Creative Industries Policy

19 December 2023Written by Steven Hiotis
Last week, the NSW Government announced their 10-year integrated policy for arts, culture and the creative industries. Here, Steven Hiotis from the AIT partnerships team looks at what this exciting new direction could mean for creative students as they embark on their future careers.

New South Wales stands at the forefront of nurturing the next wave of creative talents in an era where creativity intersects with technology. The NSW Government’s ambitious Creative Communities policy is not just a blueprint for culture development but a game-changer for animation, game design, graphic design, and film students.

At the heart of this policy is a clear message: creative industries are vital.

Creative Communities will be the first creative industries policy in NSW and will serve to bring the following:

  • A 10-year framework: Supporting the arts, culture, and creative industries with a whole-of-government investment strategy.
  • A commitment to net zero by 2050: Linking the planet, people, and human culture together by enabling and investing in the state’s communities.
  • A broad access to arts and culture:  Ensuring all individuals in NSW have opportunities to engage with arts, culture, and creative inspiration.

For students, this will translate into an expanding landscape of career opportunities. Whether you dream of directing a critically acclaimed film, designing a groundbreaking game, or animating the next blockbuster, this policy will lay the foundation for a flourishing career.

Imagine a melting pot where ideas, cultures, and creativity converge. The policy’s emphasis on fostering diverse creative communities across NSW means students can tap into a rich network of professionals, peers, and knowledge. These efforts will enhance learning and open doors to collaborative ventures, enriching the student experience.

The policy’s commitment to bolstering educational pathways and training initiatives is a significant boon for students. Expect access to resources, cutting-edge programs, and opportunities beyond the classroom, all designed to sharpen your skills and prepare you for a dynamic industry.

With a streamlined process and regulatory hurdles knocked over, engaging in creative projects, exhibitions, or even kickstarting your entrepreneurial journey will be more accessible than ever before.

Recognising cultural participation as a fundamental right, the policy will ensure that students are creators and active participants in NSW’s cultural tapestry. This approach fosters an inclusive environment where all work can be showcased and celebrated.

The policy encourages students to think sustainably in a world facing environmental changes. By integrating an ecological consciousness with tech innovation, we can all explore new forms of creative expression that are both impactful and responsible.

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In conclusion, the Creative Communities policy is more than just a framework; it’s a catalyst for nurturing the creative minds of tomorrow. As a student in the creative space, you stand at the threshold of an exciting journey, empowered by a policy that will recognise and amplify your potential. 

It’s your time to embrace these opportunities, connect with the creative community, and be a part of shaping the future of creativity in NSW.

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