2020 Australian Effects & Animation Festival (AEAF) Wrap Up

15 September 2020Written by AIT Crew
Nine AIT student projects were selected as finalists with ‘ALB-I’ taking out the ‘Special Merit Award’.
AIT 2D Animation

The 2020 Australian Effects & Animation Festival took place on Friday, 14 August where nine projects from Academy of Interactive Technology (AIT) students were selected as finalists, with ‘ALB-I’ taking home the ‘Special Merit Award’.

This is an extraordinary achievement for all of our students involved and to say we’re incredibly proud of them is an understatement. This is a testament to AIT’s commitment to being a leading 2D animation and 3D animation school in Australia.

These projects were created as part of AIT’s exclusive program,  ‘The Forge’ – a rigorous final year project that simulates the realities of the workplace. Students collaborate as part of a production team to respond to a brief – which they then pitch to a panel of industry experts for critique & recognition.

Check out the AEAF finalists below:

3D Animation 

Title: ALB-I

Winner of the ‘AEAF Speical Merit Award’

Students: Rory Hulme, Khaled Erku, Siddharth Saxena, Maria Clara, Kevin Chala & Chanravy Bun

Title: Corrupted

2020 AEAF Finalist

Student: Rory Hulme

Title: Project Sunlight

2020 AEAF Finalist

Students: Spencer Viney, Andres Piroso &  Charles Chen

Title: See No Evil

2020 AEAF Finalist

Students: Alix Popescu, Sam Nairn, Eddie Nguyen & Ibbrahim Aouli

2D Animation

Title: Escapism

2020 AEAF Finalist

Students: Thi Thu Trang Tran, Lucas Whiteford, Dominic McDonnell & Josh Dearaugo

Title: The Twins Legend

2020 AEAF Finalist

Students: Chelsea Thompson, Patrik Jarlestam, Matt Fong & Clare Farnsworth

Title: Plague

2020 AEAF Finalist

Students: James Dickson & Tiffany Kho

Title: Malediction and Murder

2020 AEAF Finalist

Students: Natalie Haig, Johanna Lum, Livio Maraniello, Aia Burke, Mika Lowe & Austin Caruna

Title: The TimeStream Team

2020 AEAF Finalist

Students: Chelsea Thomson, Jade Lentini, Joel Surdich, Dominique Speight, Katyayani Yellapu, Liam Peng & Joel Baldwiin

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