AIT Welcomes Back International Students

28 September 2021Written by AIT Crew

Education providers and members of the international education community have been working with the NSW Government to ensure that international students who remain abroad can get back to Australia (NSW) as soon as possible.

Academy of Information Technology (AIT) is delighted to invite students to complete our expression of interest application to participate in the NSW International Student Arrival Pilot Program commencing in early December. In order to participate in the program, we are currently only able to accept students enrolled to study in NSW.

Should you wish to transfer your enrolment to NSW please contact our admissions team – and we can help to facilitate this. We are confident that if you wish to transfer to our Victorian campus after 12 months this option will be available.

In this initial phase, we invite our offshore students who currently hold a valid student visa and who have an offer of enrolment from AIT to complete the expression of interest form. This will enable us to begin planning your safe return to Australia and your studies with AIT.

To show our commitment to welcoming the arrival of our international students, we are happy to confirm that AIT will be covering 50% of the quarantine fees. All fees for this program are outlined below. The full cost of the quarantine will need to be paid upfront by our students. AIT’s contribution of $2895.60 will be deducted from the trimester tuition fees in the first and second trimester of your second year Bachelor.

The quarantine facility is a brand new purpose-built student accommodation facility located on the fringe of Sydney’s central business district. Students will have private rooms with kitchenettes, wifi, and complete in-room amenities. Whilst fully catered students will be able to order food deliveries as well.

The cost of flights will need to be covered by the student. FCM, the travel company that will arrange flights, also has a webpage with answers to frequently asked questions.

In accordance with NSW government requirements, all our students will need to be fully vaccinated with a TGA approved vaccination prior to arrival in Sydney. Details on approved vaccinations can be found here.

If you have been fully vaccinated by non-TGA approved vaccines then a booster using Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen will meet regulatory requirements.


This collective effort has been driven by industry, with the governance and operational support of the NSW Government and its agencies and the endorsement of the Australian Government.

Under this pilot plan, a limited number of 250 international students studying with NSW education providers can return each fortnight from December 4th 2021.  Places are limited and eligible students will be included in the program on a first in basis.

International students who return to Australia as part of the pilot plan must be fully vaccinated with a Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) recognised COVID-19 vaccination before departing to Sydney.

International students will quarantine in purpose-built student accommodation in Sydney and adhere to the same health and quarantine requirements set by the Australian Government for returning Australians. The quarantine will include catering and medical support.

Be part of Australian history and join the pilot program with AIT, one of a select few providers invited to be part of the NSW pilot plan!


When do flights commence? 

December 4th, and then every 2 weeks after that for a total of 7 flights.


What are the costs for students?

Cost of quarantine – $5,791.20,

This includes accommodation, transportation from the airport, catering and medical support costs for the duration of the quarantine, health and wellbeing support.

AIT will cover $2895.60 of the quarantine costs, which is 50%. This amount will be deducted from AIT Trimester 1 & 2 tuition fees in the program’s second year ($1447 deducted from trimester 1 and trimester 2 second-year tuition fees)s

Cost of Flight – TBC, at the expense of the student.


How are flights booked and where do they depart from?

The industry is working with a dedicated travel agency partner to create and manage a Government-approved schedule of flights underwritten by the industry from various global locations to Australia.


How are students screened for COVID-19? 

International Students will be required to prove a negative COVID-19 result at check-in (taken 72 hours or less prior to their flight), then screened before departure and screened on arrival in Sydney.


Will students need to quarantine?

International students will quarantine in student accommodation in Sydney and adhere to the same health and quarantine requirements for returning Australians set by the Australian Government.


What are the student’s obligations?

Students will need to confirm they have organised accommodation for at least 12 weeks post quarantine.


What are AIT’s obligations? 

AIT will ensure all students have appropriate support arrangements in place once they resume their studies in NSW. This will include accurate contact details to stay in contact with students and support contact tracing (if required) above and beyond NSW Government’s effective contact tracing efforts.

AIT will resume on-campus learning with COVID-safe arrangements in accordance with the National COVID-19 Transition Plan agreed by National Crisis Cabinet, including tutorials, workshops, libraries, and practical requirements.

AIT will also ensure they have transparent processes in place to respond to any potential or actual cases of COVID -19 – both during quarantine and post-quarantine – in cooperation with NSW Health

Students enrolled with AIT with approved visas will be given first priority, we ask you to fill out this expression of interest form for students you have ready to enrol with AIT – Insert EOI Form link


Can a student package with an ELICOS course + Bachelor? 

Yes, we are accepting applications for all those students requiring English first to attain the English Entry level requirements.


Can I change my provider once onshore?

Due to the nature of and considerable investment by AIT, students are expected to complete their full program with AIT. Any requests for release will be approved on compassionate and compelling grounds only at this stage.’


We hope that a successful, scaled return will lead to an expanded pilot with more students returning to Australia in the future.

If you would like to discuss the above in more detail or express your interest in being a part of this program please contact us!

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