Graphic Design

Diploma of Graphic Design CRICOS 02155J

AIT’s Vocational Diploma of Graphic Design is a practical and future-focused program where you will learn the fundamentals of visual communication, creative digital art, dynamic web and layout design. This vocational course covers important technical concepts such as design for 2D/3D applications, UI design or manipulation of complex layouts. Our curriculum also emphasizes professional skills such as communication, research, creative collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Intake Dates
  • 15 April 2024
  • 27 May 2024
  • 16 September 2024
  • 3 February 2025
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How to apply

Here at AIT, we care about your creativity, not your ATAR. If you’re a domestic student, then you can apply directly to AIT or via UAC and VTAC.  If you’re an international student, then our registered agent partners can help you to organise everything you’ll need for your AIT application and your application to study in Australia.

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Our Learning Design Team

At the basis of everything that happens in the tech and interactive media world is design – how to design a project, a game, a film shot – everything. It’s the same with education.

When we are building your program we make sure we have the best designers on the job. That is why we have done what so few providers have done; we have invested in an in-house Learning Design Team, a group of highly qualified educators and designers, making your IT course content engaging, accurate, current, intuitive and enjoyable.

Studying should feel seamless, and your focus should be on what you want to learn, not the tech functionality. We make sure this is apparent when you invest in AIT for your learning.

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